Review – Macbeth. Stefano Reali’s directorial debut

Jesse Ayertey (Macbeth)

Jesse Ayertey (Macbeth)

We had the feeling that we would have not be disappointed and we can confirm our 5 star to Stefano Reali’s Macbeth (by W. Shakespeare).

Macbeth marks a directorial debut of considerable promise from actor Stefano Reali, who made some clear and bold choices to characterise this East London Shakespeare Company (ELSC) production.

A bare stage, little props to feed the story and an often broken fourth wall (Act 3 was our favourite, when we got even offered a glass of “wine” to join the banquet!).

Such bold decisions, especially for a Shakespearean play, relies heavily on the strength of the actors, which did not disappoint. Our special mentions go to Alec Bennie (Ross) for his excellent performance and to the Three Weird Sisters (Chloe Wigmore, Sofia Ferreira and Suzanne Kendall) who juggled with dexterity several roles as they become part of Macbeth’s life as servants, soldiers and even assassin.

Also worth a mention the distinctive costumes by Eva Escribano Olmo.

Overall we found the performance very truthful and direct, aiming for the audience to experience the story as directly as possible, without unnecessary frills.

MACBETH at the Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre Pub
Producers: Jesse Ayertey, Arlindo Peti and Stefano Reali
Director: Stefano Reali
Assistant Director: Amelia Parillon
Assistant Director: Martina Serra

Costumes: Eva Escribano Olmo
Music: Gabriel Peti

Cast: Jesse Ayertey (Macbeth), Lara Falkner (Lady Macbeth), Bradley Crees (Banquo), Daniel Osgood (King Duncan), Suzanne Kendall (Witch 2), Alec Bennie (Ross), Chloe Wigmore (Witch 1), Dominic Danson (Malcolm), Sofia Ferreira (Witch 3), Igor Cherstich (Macduff), Arlindo Peti (Lennox).

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