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locandinahiresEast London Shakespeare Company presents “Macbeth” (by W. Shakespeare)

What if fate could shape lives? What if your free will was just an illusion? What if the thread of your life was being measured and cut in this very moment?

Would you fight to change all that?

This raw and powerful production wants to explore some of the deepest desires of humankind: power, greed, vengeance and fear.

Stripped of any elaborate setting, the audience will have the chance to experience the incredible storytelling of Shakespeare in its purest form.

Dates: Monday 21st November – Saturday 26th November 2016. Performances at 7.45pm
Tickets  £12 (Concessions £9 and £10).
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Director’s notes

The character of Macbeth is a tragic antihero that finds his life spiralling into chaos and madness after the Three Weird Sister prophesize for him to become king. Those simple words “All hail Macbeth, thou shalt be king hereafter” will have him ascend to the peak of success only to see him later fall to his final death. Would all of this have happened without the prophecy?


In this adaptation, I wanted to explore the idea of the witches, a mirror of the Greek Moirai, taking an active role in the unravelling of the story and not only an observant one. While playing some of the characters usually standing in the background (soldiers, servants, messengers, etc.) they will ensure Macbeth’s fate goes per their necessity.
“Macbeth” is the Shakespearean tragedy that has most in common with the Greek classical plays, especially Aeschylus’ Oresteia. Therefore, in order to give our audience a performance reminiscence of that time, we have decided to have a bare stage, with props reduced to a minimum, to allow the audience to experience the powerful word and storytelling of Shakespeare unencumbered by any unnecessary distractions.

(Dir. Stefano Reali)

About the Company

Our ethos as East London Shakespeare Company has always been to bring together people from different cultures and country, been them audience or cast. We believe this is of crucial importance, especially in this period of political and social turmoil.

Producers: Jesse Ayertey, Arlindo Peti and Stefano Reali
Director: Stefano Reali
Assistant Director: Amelia Parillon
Assistant Director: Martina Serra

Cast: Jesse Ayertey (Macbeth), Lara Falkner (Lady Macbeth), Bradley Crees (Banquo), Daniel Osgood (King Duncan), Suzanne Kendall (Witch 2), Alec Bennie (Ross), Chloe Wigmore (Witch 1), Dominic Danson (Malcolm), Sofia Ferreira (Witch 3), Igor Cherstich (Macduff), Arlindo Peti (Lennox).

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