Rehearsed Reading of award winning play Kensington Gardens at Theatre Deli Café


The award winning play Kensington Gardens, written by Giancarlo Nicoletti and translated by Rachele Fregonese, will be performed, for the first time in the U.K., in a rehearsed reading on Sunday 18th February at the Theatre Deli Café.

Let’s imagine that the general elections in the U.K. gave power to a xenophobic and fascist party. Let’s imagine that this party approved a law that sends all foreigners back home, allowing only those whose skills are useful to the party a chance to stay. These are the premises of Kensington Gardens, a play written in 2015, before knowing the results of the Brexit referendum.

This play follow the lives of six italians who are trapped in a Mansion overlooking Kensington Gardens. Partrols are waiting outside the gate, ready to shoot at them if they try to escape. The 6 are waiting for a government decision on whether they’ll be allowed to live in the U.K. or will be repatriated. The uncertainty of the future is hard to cope with, and their passions and fears unfold in front of our eyes as we wait for this decision with them.

Kensington Gardens is a powerful play by author Giancarlo Nicoletti. It has been performed in Rome in 2016 and received a special mention at Premio Hystrio, one of the biggest and most important theatre award in Italy. It’s a play about the boundaries of identity and Art, and the illusory expectation of an uncertain future. It’s also a play about love and the compromises that needs to be made to love, and to survive as an artist.

This play – written before Brexit was real – is now more relevant than ever, and will be presented for the first time on the London stage with a free rehearsed reading that will help raising funds to give this play the theatre run it deserves. It will be an evening to remember. There will be professional actors and singers, live music, drinks available to purchase at the bar, and a sparkling and joyful atmosphere. An event not to be missed!

When: Sunday 18th February 2018, 2pm (doors open at 13.30 for a 2pm sharp start)

Where: Theatre Deli Cafe, 2 Finsbury Ave, London, EC2M 2PA

More info:

Cast: Rhuna Barduagni, Simone Leonardi, Cecilia Gragnani, Alexander Ananasso, Léoni Huges, Filippo Panigazzi, Mark Philip Compton, Elisa D’Argento.

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