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circularOn Tuesday the 16th of august I decided it would be a nice idea to go and catch a show, looking through what was around I came across a small fringe piece with a cast of only six performing at The Lion and Unicorn in Kentish town, so I thought why not?

I went in with the expectations one has for a low budget fringe performance but was immediately pleasantly surprised. As soon as you enter the room you are captivated by the ensemble in front of you. Standing almost deadly still but each slightly moving almost in perfect time; it’s hypnotizing. What holds your attention the most as you take your seat is the raw emotion in their eyes, the way they connect with you without looking directly at you at all. This connection is kept when the show begins, each character having their moment with the audience.

The simplicity of the stage and the costumes emphasizes the quality of the dialogue and how this show seems totally unafraid to speak on issues that have been apparent in, I would say, everyone’s life at some point. It’s sure to resonate with the room when asking a question such as “why do I feel so happy but so sad?” Whether it was the intention or not Circular hits the nail on the head with it’s use of black comedy. The two leading actresses, Stefania Pisoni and Anna Carfora, bounce off each other with such a rapport that it’s easy to forget your watching a show and more like you are listening to a conversation between your friends, which combines perfectly with the intimacy of the space. And although the other characters have less dialogue, their presence is what helps hold together the essence of the performance, their ever pouting faces and robotic way of moving will take anyone back to the days of school and “the cool crowd.”

In summation Circular, although low budget, is extremely well written, beautifully rehearsed, with a young, talented and passionate cast. If you’re in Kentish town, or even if you’re not, Circular is the show to see.

Review by Georgia Hannah Grace

Author: Editor

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