Actress Alida Pantone to direct “The Guest”


Actress Alida Pantone set to direct “The Guest”, an all female series starring Camila Koller, Livia Berté and Andreea Helen David.

The Guest”, produced by Pro Actors London, comes from an original idea of actresses Alida Pantone and Camilla Koller, adapted for the screen together with writer Lorenzo Fantini.

The series, which 1st season is now in production, its announced to be a comedy with a psychological twist, shot in one continuous sequence per episode on an iPhone. A great challenge for the Actress’ directorial debut.

Protagonist of “The Guest” are 3 girls living in a London’s house share: Sofia (a goth girl played by Camila Koller), Jennifer (Livia Berté), Dana (Andreea Helen David). Other characters are Tom (played by David Hepburn), Kurt (Cristian Lazar), Lia (Iliana Efthymiadi) and Lara (Alida Pantone’s cameo).

I had no intention of acting in something I was also directing, as I know how challenging directing already is, but as actress I couldn’t resist making a cameo. So we created Lara, who appears in some of the episodes.” Says Alida Pantone.

“The Guest” is the second production of the young but quickly raising community of Actors (the 1st one was “Miss Julia”) and they are already setting the bases for new collaborations with other professionals of the film industry.

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